Optics and glasses design

The glasses we carry at Brillenschneiderei Yves are an expression of individuality and timeless classic in small, independent editions. Vision without compromise is our aim, reached by brand-name lenses Made in Germany.

Beyond the mainstream we committed ourselves to “glasses for individuals” - and proudly present this in our shop at the corner of Mulackstrasse/Gormannstrasse.

We don’t like mass products and are convinced that the uniqueness of the frame is of the highest priority.
Why buy a mass product that you can find all over the world for more or less the same money?
Each person is individual - and we want to reflect this with our glasses. We want to excite and inspire you!
More than 14 years of experience as master craftsman have influence on every decision.

Customers of all ages feel comfortable with us - wether they are from the neighbourhood, Berlin Mitte or all over the world!

Relax, drink an espresso and let yourself be inspired and excited! We take you by the hand and show you the many facets of individuality. We take care of your vision and look!

Without compromise, no ifs or buts. Beyond the mainstream.